Call for Papers: Special issue – Gendering Memory

Call for Papers for the Project Special issue: Gendering Memory from the International Research Network RENGOO.

“In the post 9/11 decade, debates on ‘Islamophobia’ have raised new research questions concerning patterns of exclusion. As in historical Anti-Semitism, gender and sexuality play a pivotal role in topical national identity debates. In right-wing populism, “sexual nationalism” defines itself in opposition to the stereotype of the Muslim male as pre-modern, patriarchal, and homophobic, especially in the Netherlands. Conversely, Islamist intellectuals emphasize the degenerate Westernness of sexual licentiousness. To overcome the binary structure of this political discourse we pursue the research hypothesis of an entangled history of (neo-) Orientalism and Occidentalism, uncovering ‘third spaces’ of reflection in scholarly discourse, literature, and art. In order to analyse how European and Islamist identity discourses mutually stereotype each other, experts working in the fields of history, religious studies, gender studies, and literature need to join forces.” (Excerpt from the tender on

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