Vortrag: Eighteenth-Century European Travel, Medicine, and Science: Constructing the Raced and Gendered Body

27. Juni 2018 um 18:00 – 19:30
Campus Koblenz
E 329

Vortrag von Dr. Elizabeth Zold (Winona State University): In the eighteenth century, scientific, medical, and travel texts worked to construct the notion of race, specifically tying it to skin color; in these racial classifications, Africans were often depicted as less human than Europeans. African women in particular were doubly othered: their bodies were constructed as the site of bestial breeding. This talk will discuss how these eighteenth-century ideas about race and gender not only still persist in various forms in contemporary society, but that they continue to influence the way Western, particularly American, culture views travel to other parts of the world.

Elizabeth Zold is an Associate Professor of English at Winona State University. She has a PhD in British Literature, and teaches courses in pedagogy, writing, and eighteenth-century literature. She has published in journals such as Pedagogy, Studies in Travel Writing, and ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts 1640-1830. Her current research interest is In the intersection of travel and motherhood in the eighteenth-century.

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